What is Machinecoin

Machinecoin is a free and decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is completely open source and uses TimeTravel as a proof-of-work algorithm. Machinecoin operates with no central authority or any banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Machinecoins is carried out collectively by the network itself.


Download it now

The Machinecoin wallet is the most important thing to have, in order to use Machinecoin. Download it now and get into Machinecoin on nearly every platform.


What does Machinecoin offer

Machinecoin is a decentralized crypto currency which offers many features.

Fast transactions

Transactions will get confirmed within some minutes.


You’re not bound to any centralized authority. The network is run by all users using Machinecoin!

ASIC proof algorithm

Due to our own coded mining algorithm called “TimeTravel”, there won’t be any ASIC miner available to offer everyone the opportunitie to mine Machinecoin using their CPU or GPU.


With activated SegWit at the network, you’ll have the ability to use the lightning network and atomic swaps for faster and more anonymized transactions.

24/7 YouTube Stream (COMING SOON)

Wanna get the latest news about crypto and play some gambling games? You can do so using our awesome YouTube Stream with an integrated bot.

Masternodes (COMING SOON)

If you gathered some Machinecoin (25000), you can create a masternode to secure the network and passively earn rewards for doing so.


Who are we? Figure it out!

Nico Lucciola

CEO – Developer
I’ve joined the Machinecoin team back in 2014. At this time, There was a bounty for creating a new website with a reward of 5000 MAC. After some time, I was invited to join the team by the previous CEO @gitju. He also promoted me as CEO in 2017. Over the years I’ve learned many programming languages like NodeJS, Java, Python, PHP and C++ myself and I’ll try my best to provide high qualitative code for Machinecoin.


CGO – Graphic Design & Developer
Jeff (Ripcurl99983) stumbled across the Machinecoin project in 2014. He wanted to help out, so he sent some artwork to the team. To make a long story short, he was later made the graphics guy. Over the years, the Machinecoin project has given him a platform to apply and progress his skills. He is now fluent in multiple graphics programs and programming languages. His favorite program is Photoshop, and his favorite language is Python. He is most known for the design of Machinecoin’s coin. Jeff also holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Business Management and the other in Computer Science.


Long-Term-Supporter & Developer
Our long term supporter and fresh newcomer in the development team. He was with Machinecoin from 2014 and he is back after his crypto break. His favorite programming language is C# and he is interested in usability improvement.


What available to use

Blockchain Explorer

Browse through all transactions ever made and track your payments.Go to »

Pool Mining

Mine Machinecoin using your PC at a pool with many other miners to be stronger and split the rewards equally.View the list »


Back in 2014 we’ve created a website to collect funds for social organisations. Also we’ve created an official site where you can see the addresses to support their activities.Do something nice »

Paper Wallet

Create a Machinecoin in a secured way and print it to put it anywhere safe, like into a safe.Create your paper wallet »


Swap your altcoins or Machinecoins against other crypto currencys at one of the exchanges we’re listed on.View the list »


Use MacPay inside your browser or on your Android phone to spent your Machinecoin at every place with a network connection.Start instantly »




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