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What is Machinecoin?
Machinecoin is a peer-to-peer, decentralized crypto-currency, based on Litecoin which was created back in 2014.


Machinecoin is completely
decentralized, since there is
no centralized authority
and no censorship.


Transaction times are fast,
due to the “in-block” difficulty
retargetting system called
“Warp Drive”, created by
the Machinecoin Team.


Machinecoin depends on decentralized network nodes, create by users. Since we’ve introduced Masternodes, there will be always nodes available, because operation of them is attractive.

Instant payments

With the release of core 0.16.0, Machinecoin will be fully SegWit and Lightning-Network compatible, allowing instant payments through payment-channel.
Reward Structure

The block reward structure was changed in version 0.16.0 of Machinecoin.With this release, we’ve introduced Masternodes, which provide a lot of useful functions, like securing the network, stabelize the ecosystem and provide a governance feature. This is why there are 10% allocated for governance budget.

Everyone is able to create a proposal at the Machinecoin network and raise funds for his or her projects.

Therefore, Proof-of-Work rewards were reduced to 45% per block.Β And of course, Masternodes will also get rewarded with 45% of a mined blocks reward for providing those services to the community.

Miners (Proof-of-Work)
Masternode Operators
Governance Budget
How to join the Machinecoin network & get rewarded
The team behind
Nico Lucciola
CEO & Core Developer

I’ve joined the Machinecoin team back in 2014. At this time, There was a bounty for creating a new website with a reward of 5000 MAC. After some time, I was invited to join the team by the previous CEO @gitju. He also promoted me as CEO in 2017. Over the years I’ve learned many programming languages like NodeJS, Java, Python, PHP and C++ myself and I’ll try my best to provide high qualitative code for Machinecoin.

CGO - Graphic Design & Developer

Jeff (Ripcurl99983) stumbled across the Machinecoin project in 2014. He wanted to help out, so he sent some artwork to the team. To make a long story short, he was later made the graphics guy. Over the years, the Machinecoin project has given him a platform to apply and progress his skills. He is now fluent in multiple graphics programs and programming languages. His favorite program is Photoshop, and his favorite language is Python. He is most known for the design of Machinecoin’s coin. Jeff also holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Business Management and the other in Computer Science.

Long-Term-Supporter & Developer

Our long term supporter and fresh newcomer in the development team. He was with Machinecoin from 2014 and he is back after his crypto break. His favorite programming language is C# and he is interested in usability improvement.

† 2018

Our Strategy and Project Plan
Jan 2018
Upgrade TimeTravel to use Warp Drive (in-block retargetting).
Feb 2018
Enabled SegWit, in order to prepare for the following core updates.
Mar 2018
Update our social media pages and keep the up-to-date.
May 2018
Release Masternode on the Machinecoin livenet.
May 2018
Update the current core to the bitcoin core 0.16.0
Jun 2020
Release of Machinecoin Core 0.17.1
Jul 2020
Release of Machinecoin Core 0.18 and activation of DIP3 Masternodes
Jul 2020
Expand into new markets and get listed at new exchanges.
Aug 2020
Update MachinecoinPay (formerly MacPay) and focus on social-media-bots.
Oct 2020
Release a lightning network ready and a lightweight client for Machinecoin
the wallet
Windows (x64)

from GitHub (installer)


from GitHub (DMG)


from GitHub (Source code)

online services
Electrum Machinecoin

Easy-to-use mobile wallet for Machinecoin.

Paper Wallet

Print out a Machinecoin wallet and store it somewhere offline.

Block Explorer

Browse through the history of Machinecoin and search for your transactions.

You can buy Machinecoin (MAC) from all exchanges MAC is listed on!
Frequently Questions

Machinecoin is a crypto-currency created in 2014, based on the code of Litecoin and enhanced with a unique algorithm called TimeTravel and a unique difficulty retargetting system called Warp Drive, which allows in-block retargetting.

Due to Machinecoin was created in 2014, many transactions were created since then and the blockchain growth in size. All this data needs to get downloaded to your PC. That’s why it’ll take some time.

No, Machinecoin is definitly NO ERC20-token.

No, there wasn’t any premine on the Machinecoin network.

Masternodes were invented by Dash (DarkCoin). Users can setup a Masternode, in order to secure the blockchain data and passivly earn rewards for doing this. Also, Masternodes have voting rights within proposals on the network.

There are many methods to earn Machinecoin:

  • Mine using your PCs computing power (CPU & GPU)
  • Setup a Masternode and earn rewards (25000 MAC required)
  • Buy Machinecoin at an exchanges we’re listed at
Are you missing a answer to your question? Feel free to ask at our support portal!
The latest Machinecoin
Releasing our NEW website
Releasing our NEW website Today, I'm happy to announce that we're going to publish our new designed website at
Machinecoin Core 0.17.1 released!Download